“At V-Twin, it’s not just about riding, it’s about riding well.”

V-Twin takes a “Rider-Centered” approach to motorcycle rider training. That means everything about our course is geared toward your success. Not just in the course, but as you venture out on the road, take your road test, and continue riding for decades to come; we want you to be riding well all the way.
Thanks a bunch for all you and the instructors did to help me get my motorcycle license. the training is excellent, as are the instructors. you folks do a top notch job and make it fun also. thanks again…cheers Andy
Andy A.
I want to thank you, Dave and the motorcycle school for a fantastic job training with training, organization and being flexible with times. I would highly recommend V-Twin Motorcycle School to anyone wanting to get their motorcycle license.
Randy J.
had my test with Nick. I passed. Thanks sooo much once again. That was definately one of the best decisions I ever made in my life, to go to V-Twin.. I know couldn’t have done it without you. I’ll be chattin’ you up to everyone I talk to…you should be proud!! All the best….
I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I appreciate the fact you were so willing to work around my schedule. Learning to ride a motorcycle has been something I have wanted to do for sometime. Thanks to you, Dave Cramm and V-twin it is one more thing I can say I have accomplished and can cross off my bucket list. The training I received from you in Kelowna on my first day to the subsequent days in Penticton with Dave were amazing. Dave is a first rate instructor who is extremely knowledgeable and also brings a sense of humour to the lessons which helps ease the tension a new rider feels.
Just so you know I have already made a post to my Facebook page recommending V-twin to anyone in the Okanagan who is interested in taking lesson.
Once again…thank you V-twin……I absolutely love riding motorbikes!!!


Deb M.
Just a quick thank you for assisting me in passing the MST. I would have failed for sure without your help. It was easy to learn under because it was a stress free environment. Thanks.
I took the course about a month ago and just did the road test in Nelson. I had received compliments on my skill level when I took the Road Test. I thank everyone at Okanagan V Twin for the skills that they taught me about riding a motorbike.. Once again Thank You Everyone, But especially Kim Young for your very interesting and very professional approach to Safe Riding.. I recommend your organization to everyone I talk to.. I look forward to you maintenance course if you run it..
Dan S.
So happy that i went with V-Twin. working with Kim and Garth i was able to go from no license at all to my full class 6 license in exactly 30 days! i was on a race against time and they made it happen!! Garth was amazing in the class room, and always had a neat story to tell. Kim is an amazing instructor, providing amazing instruction for ease of learning. i was skepticle when he said “now i want you to get the bike to about 25kph and push on the right ride of the bar and see what happens.” i was a bit nervous the first time so tried it a bit slower, but it was perfect! without knowing what the bike would do i couldn’t lean into the turn and really learned the effects of push steering. Thanks Kim, Garth, and V-Twin!! i literally could not have done it without you!
Connor G.
WOW I had an absolute great time this weekend!! I just wanted to thank all of you for the support and encouragement that I received from you all!! This weekend was soooo much fun! Al was great, my group was great and all in all was awesome!!
Jacquie K.
First of all – I really enjoyed the course and it was worth every penny! Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate. I’m not sure my fingertips have thawed out completely yet. Who knew early April could be that cold! Also, my insurance company would like a copy of a certificate or whatever you give us.
Willene P.
Passed with flying colours, tell Bob thanks! It started raining pretty bad halfway through, but we managed. Also thanks to the v-twin school in general.
I am a first time rider [age 51] and after trying to learn with friends thought better of it and signed up with V-Twin. V-Twin supplied a variety of bikes a safe location and an instructor that explained things well. V-Twin was a perfect fit for me as they have the authority to sign off on the ICBC motorcycle skills test. If you are going to spend the money to take a course V-Twin is really the way to go. Take the course pass the administered skills test and you’re clear to ride with out supervision. I have recommended V-Twin to family and friends.
Jim P.
My experience as a returning rider, after a 40 year absence, was refreshing and informative. The instructors were patient beyond belief and it was obvious from their passion that they wanted us to succeed and more importantly have us ride safe. I am a better driver as a result and look forward to continuing my motorcycle education through refresher and maintenance courses offered by V-Twin.
Stuart C.
I just wanted to let you know how I appreciated the instruction to enable me to attain a motorcycle riders license. The instructor was very informative and knowledgeable in riding skills during the classroom. Then as the group did the actual riding of the schools motorcycles he showed much care and patience in having each of us follow his instructions. I might add the word “safety” was a key ingredient, and still sticks in my mind. To sum up, I did my road test and passed with flying colors. Thanks to V-Twin and the great instruction I received.
Andy R.
I am a 52 year young registered nurse who, for years, had wanted to learn to ride a bike. I had never ridden before, however, when I met James, my fiancé, a big bike fanatic, I knew that it was my time to dive in! V-Twin was so amazingly flexible with my irregular schedule and really worked together with me to make it all happen. My instructor, Doug, was fantastic! He was so patient and encouraging at all times. The course is very systematic and takes you from step one all the way to being able to take your final exam, even providing some one-on-one instruction right before you face ICBC! In less than a month I finished the course and passed not only my
skills test but also my Level 6! I am very grateful for this riding school and their passion for safety and riding!
Nadine P.
Just got in from a short ride.. My experience with V- Twin was awesome. And even more now that I have been on the road for my second year. When I took my exam in Nelson the examiner mentioned that my skills were much better than the average that she was receiving . I mentioned to her that I could attribute that to the great instruction of the V-Twin team. I really am glad that I took the course as when I am riding I see what the riders that are self taught are doing wrong,and I give them distance. Basically the longer I ride the more I am glad that I took the course.
Dan S
This course came highly recommended from both my parents after taking the class in June 2011. It also comes highly recommended from me. The course gave me the skills I needed to become a confident rider. The instructors are wonderful, and easy to get along with. I have utilized several of the skills I learned through the V-Twin Okanagan course to mature into a confident, defensive motorcyclist. The information the school has to offer is invaluable. I strongly recommend this course to anyone learning to ride, or looking to brush up on his or her skills.
Kathryn B.