How to pass the Motorcycle Road Test

The road test to obtain your Class 6 (motorcycle) License consists of a 40-45 minute escorted ride in traffic. The route presents a variety of traffic situations, intersections, speed zones, and lane configurations typical of the location that the test is conducted in. The examiner follows the candidate in an automobile, and provides directions via a radio speaker attached to a safety vest.

With the COVID-19 pandemic delaying testing, there is a significant backlog for motorcycle road tests.  Please be well prepared for your test, as they are in short supply.  Or, consider taking Road Test Preparation with V-Twin.

Three things you can do to improve your chance of success:

  • Develop your traffic skills in downtown or commercial areas
  • Observation is a key global skill – check your blind spot before turning, changing lanes, or adjusting lane position
  • Lose the bad driving habits!  Stop before the white line, obey posted speed limits, stop for yellow lights, stop before making a right turn on a red light

Across BC, around 65% of new riders pass the road test on their first attempt. For V-Twin students, the pass rate is 97% on the first attempt.  The road test costs $50 each time you take it, and it is only conducted weekdays, so this often means taking time off work.  We can help to ensure you have a successful test!

If you have not taken formal rider training, or if you have taken training with other schools and were not successful, you can still take advantage of our expertise.  We offer Road Test Preparation for a very reasonable price.

RTP includes the use of a  motorcycle and private, one-on-one training to ensure you are well prepared.  Or, you can use your own motorcycle, subject to a safety inspection to ensure it is roadworthy and will pass muster with the examiner.

Road Test Preparation

  • One-on-one instruction, use of a motorcycle and delivery of the bike to the ICBC test centre.  $100 if you use your own motorcycle.

Please note: at other motorcycle training schools’ road test preparation may consist of little more than an escorted ride from the bike garage to the ICBC test site; the time for the road test is included in the 2 hours.  At V-Twin, the pre-test ride is a full 2 hours, and then we deliver you to ICBC in time for the road test.

Our New Rider Course includes Road Test Preparation at no extra cost.  Or if you have your own motorcycle, some riding experience, and are preparing for the road test, the Advanced Rider Training course is an effective way to polish your skills efficiently and cost effectively.

Call us to discuss your options.

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