New Level of Confidence

In the V-Twin Advanced Rider Training course, we build on the skills you have, and take you to a new level of confidence.  This will allow you to explore the limits of your motorcycle in a controlled environment under the supervision of our experienced riding coaches.  With increased confidence in your motorcycle control skills, we’ll work through increasingly complex levels of traffic to improve your traffic skills.

Advanced Motorcycle Control – Day 1

  • Low speed balance and steering
  • Physics of motorcycle steering and counter balancing
  • Smoothest upshifts and downshifts
  • Brake control – getting the most from independent, linked, or ABS brakes
  • Engine braking – or clutch braking?
  • Sudden stops and emergency braking
  • Positive Visual Reference and emergency maneuvers
  • Putting it all together – gymkhana style

Advanced Traffic Training – Day 2

  • Traffic tactics – space management and optimum lane position
  • Traction and Control
  • Special Riding Situations – dealing with the extraordinary
  • Sharing the ride – with passengers, and with other riders
  • Implementing a riding strategy
  • Using Positive Visual Reference on the road
  • Situational awareness

Some riding experience is necessary, and a Class 6 (or Class 6L with restrictions removed) license.  Under certain circumstances, we may admit riders who are preparing for their Class 6 Road Test, providing they have sufficient road riding experience.  Call us to discuss if you fit that category.

You will be riding your own motorcycle, and it must be in roadworthy condition.  That means properly inflated tires with sufficient tread for the conditions, a reliable drive train, brakes with pads or shoe material thick enough to last the weekend, functioning controls and electrical system – headlight, brake light, turn signals, horn, and no mechanical issues or leaking fluids.  Riders will perform a mechanical inspection under supervision of the riding coach, and must sign a waiver attesting to the safe mechanical condition of their motorcycle.

Advanced Rider Training

  • Custom courses can be arranged
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Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy: refunds will only be issued if the student withdraws at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course. Refunds may be subject to a processing fee. After the commencement of the course, V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School Ltd. is obliged only to supply the balance of training.