In-traffic training

Traffic Wise is a two day course to prepare you to ride confidently in a complex traffic environment.  It is suitable for riders who:

  • have started out on their own, or learning from friends or a spouse
  • took motorcycle skills (parking lot) training from another school
  • have been riding for recreation on low traffic rural roads or highways, and plan to commute, travel, or adventure tour

If you have not yet taken your Class 6 road test, this course will ensure you are well prepared to demonstrate your abilities to an ICBC examiner.

V-Twin has a proven curriculum for in traffic training.  We break “traffic” into 5 levels, and work progressively through those levels to develop your skills and confidence.   Training takes place in small groups of 4-5 riders with a well experienced instructor to support and coach you, and provide constructive feedback on your riding and traffic skills.


  • We can supply a motorcycle for training , and a helmet, if you need one
  • $25 discount if you use your own motorcycle – must pass safety inspection
  • additional $25 discount for students of other riding schools – must show receipt
  • The course is two days, or 3 evenings, 11 hours in total

You Will Need

  • A Class 6L license (motorcycle, learner’s permit) with restrictions removed
  • Riding gear to meet the V-Twin minimum standard: boots that cover the ankle, full length trousers, a full sleeve jacket that zips in the front, gloves with leather palms, and a helmet that meets an industry standard (ECE, DOT, Snell)
  • We have helmets available for your use at no charge.

Traffic Wise sessions are held about every two weeks at each of our locations, or can be scheduled on demand at other locations, or between scheduled sessions.  The cost of Traffic Wise is $275, but can be as low as $225 for students of other schools on their own bike. Call our office to find the next scheduled session in your area, or e-mail: contact V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School.

Kamloops (250) 572-1490
Kelowna, Penticton (250) 764-7075
Salmon Arm, Vernon, (250) 832-7088

Traffic Wise Training

  • $25 discount if using your own motorcycle.
  • $25 discount if you took training at another riding school.

Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy: refunds will only be issued if the student withdraws at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course. Refunds may be subject to a processing fee. After the commencement of the course, V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School Ltd. is obliged only to supply the balance of training.