Learn to Ride with Confidence

The V-twin New Rider Course is a complete package.  We provide the motorcycle, a helmet if necessary, and all the instruction to take you from little or no previous experience (or out of date experience) to a full Class 6 license.  It also includes the Road Test (Interior locations only) – use our bike and get a one-on-one lesson before you meet the examiner.  Road Test escort not available in Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

The New Rider Course is a certified program that meets ICBC standards and allows us to offer the Motorcycle Skills Assessment.

Classroom Theory (8 hours)

      • Preparing to ride – the licensing process, understanding hazard and risk, protective gear
      • Selecting a motorcycle – what to consider
      • Riding strategies – see, think, do, or SIPDE?
      • Traffic control devices – interpreting road markings, signs, and traffic lights from a riders perspective
      • Visibility and conspicuity – see and be seen
      • Intersections – 75% of collisions involving motorcycles happen there
      • Traction and control
      • Special riding situations
      • Sharing the ride – with passengers, friends, and luggage
      • Ready to ride – location, schedule, what to bring for your first day of riding

Riding Skills (11 hours closed course)

      • Pre-ride inspection
      • Motorcycle controls – there are only 6
      • Focus on the global skills of balance and steering, speed control, and observation
      • Low speed steering vs high speed steering
      • Clutch, gearchange and powerband
      • Proper use of independent vs linked vs ABS brakes
      • Emergency stop or swerve
      • Motorcycle Skills Assessment – equivalent to MST at ICBC; to remove the restrictions from your learner’s permit
      • Transition ride from parking lot to on the road

Traffic Skills (11 hours traffic)

  • Learn your way progressively through 5 levels of traffic – low speed residential to highway and high capacity urban
  • Employ all 5 global skills – balance and steering, speed control, observation, communication, space margins
  • Complex intersections – still the most dangerous place for riders, but do-able when you have the skills
  • Sharing the road with other riders, and motorized or non-motorized traffic
  • Road Test Readiness Review


  • A Class 6L or 8L (Learner’s permit), obtained after passing a written test at ICBC
  • Minimum riding gear: boots that cover the ankle, full length trousers, a jacket that zips in the front, gloves with leather palms
  • A 3/4 coverage helmet or better that meets industry standards.  We have helmets available if you don’t have one yet, or if yours does not meet the standard.

Experienced Instructors

Eighteen of the most experienced instructors in the BC Interior.

Quality Training

V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School is the premier rider training school in the BC Interior. We have provided quality rider training to new and experienced riders in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley for more than 10 years.

Learn Safely

Our experienced ICBC licensed instructors help to develop your skills in a secure environment away from traffic.

Quality Rider Training

Small class sizes make for an efficient program – more riding, less waiting in line means up to 30% more riding time than at other schools


Our fleet of motorcycles vary in sizes and styles and are easy to handle and inspire confidence.

Road Test Preparation

Motorcycle Skills Test preparation – on our bike or yours

Choosing The Bike and Gear

We help you select appropriate riding gear, and identify a motorcycle that will fit your needs.

V-Twin Students

We distribute discount coupons from various dealers to reduce the cost of purchasing gear, and a motorcycle. V-Twin students also receive a discount on the optional portion of their insurance coverage.

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