How to pass the Motorcycle Skills Test

The Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) is administered by ICBC examiners to determine if the rider has sufficient skill to control a motorcycle in traffic.  It is primarily a test of two key global skills: Balance and Steering, and Speed Control.  To pass, you must be able to:

  • control the motorcycle at low speed with the clutch in the friction zone
  • balance the motorcycle using the handlebar, with your feet on the footpegs
  • understand and follow the examiner’s instructions to stay within the path
  • accelerate with authority
  • stop quickly, without locking either wheel.

What if you don’t have a suitable motorcycle for the test, or are not sure if you are ready to take the test on your own bike?

We can help – with Motorcycle Skills Test Preparation. (not available in Abbotsford or Chilliwack)

For someone who has been practicing on their own, we can put the final polish on.  This will give you the best chance for success, plus the skills to begin riding in traffic with increased confidence.  Or, perhaps you have an off-road or other motorcycle that is not suitable for the test; use one of ours, and get a last minute tune-up included.

MST prep is a two hour one-on-one lesson that includes the skills test at ICBC.  We will meet you at one of our training facilities, evaluate and help you improve your skills, then set up a mock test to practice in.  If you are using our bike, we will deliver it to ICBC for you, or accompany you on your bike.

MST Preparation

  • Instruction, use of a motorcycle, a helmet, and delivery of the bike to the ICBC test centre

Many V-Twin Instructors are certified Assessment Officers, which means we administer the skills test for students in our New Rider Course.  We can only offer this test for riders who take Theory and Motorcycle Skills Training with us.

We do offer private training, one-on-one or small groups, for riders who can’t fit into our schedule, or who have started riding on their own.  In such cases, we can still include the MST at ICBC in your training.

Call us to discuss your options.

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