ICBC Authorized Instructor Training

The sixteen V-twin instructors in the Okanagan and Thompson area are the most experienced in the BC Interior.

V-Twin is an ICBC authorized Instructor Training facility, and we share our experience by training new instructors, for V-Twin and for other rider or driver training schools across BC.


Our top three instructors collectively have more than 50 years experience training new riders, more than all the instructors combined at another school in the Okanagan Valley. When we’re not training new or experienced riders, we are out riding ourselves, improving our skills and gaining experiences to help you ride well.

Interested in becoming part of an elite team?

As demand for our programme continues to grow, V-Twin Okanagan has an ongoing need to develop new instructors.

If you have held a motorcycle license for at least 3 years, have a “clean” driving record, a positive attitude, and an interest in helping others learn to ride well, we’d like to hear from you. Send a resume to Chief Instructor.