We take a skills-based approach, breaking down rider training into elemental skills that you master by riding. Unlike other schools, you move on when you are ready, not based on a fixed timeline.
Our instructors are fully licensed and bonded, well trained, courteous and caring. You can feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed while approaching us with questions or comments you may have. Ask us anything! We’re here for you even after the course is over – call or send us an e-mail on anything motorcycling related.
A pre-test ride is included with the course, just prior to the road test. You can use the same bike you trained on, or your own bike, so you’ll feel relaxed, stress free, and ready during your testing.
Whether it’s Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Salmon Arm, or Kamloops, our facilities are centrally located, easy to get to, and with ample convenient parking. Parking lot training generally takes place away from main roads to avoid the noise and distraction associated with busy traffic.
We have a variety times and locations – weekends, weekdays, weekday evenings – in Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, and Salmon Arm – V-Twin has a unique ability to mix & match classes to fit YOUR schedule. We can also supplement our schedule with private lessons to make it work for you, or provide you with your own private course.
There is the “New Rider Course” for those with little or no previous experience. There is also Accelerated Rider Training, for those with previous experience but no license. Once you become a rider, there are many branches to follow for additional rider skill development: Advanced Rider Training, Dual-Sport Workshop, Owner Motorcycle Maintenance, and more!
Want to “try before you buy”? We offer a “Sampler Course” for $100, where you take a 2-hour one-on-one lesson to give you a basic intro to riding. If you decide you like it, we’ll credit that money towards your “New Rider Course”!
At V-Twin, the use of a motorcycle for the road test is included with the cost of the course, and you get a 90 minute “tune up” ride to polish your skills and reduce the pre-test jitters. Some other schools charge extra for this; at V-Twin, it’s included in the New Rider Course. Most of our students do the pre-test ride, and that plus our thorough instruction is a big reason for our students’ success – 96% pass on their first attempt.
We have motorcycles from various major manufacturers, in a variety of configurations and sizes, so you will be fitted to a bike that is right for you. Or, you can try out different bikes during the course, so you can find out what you like.
The motorcycle skills test is included with the closed circuit training. After completing theory and practical training, we provide the Motorcycle Skills Assessment, which allows you to have the restrictions lifted from your license.
Discounts at local motorcycle dealers come with being a V-Twin student. You’ll receive discount cards for many of the local motorcycle and riding gear stores, worth up to 20% off on accessories and gear, and in some cases up to $300 off on the purchase of a new motorcycle