December New Rider Training Special

Sign up in December, or purchase the New Rider Training Course for someone else and receive a $50 discount on the tuition cost.



Call or send an e-mail, and a live person will help you register; we don’t do the robot thing. To send us an email about a course, click on the button that says “Available”in Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, and Salmon Arm, and we will call you at the number you provide.  Or call us directly; we will answer your questions and get you signed up. We also have other courses, private one-on-one training, and Road Test or MST preparation. Call (250) 764-7075 in the Okanagan, (250) 572 – 1490 in Kamloops, or (250) 832-7088 in Salmon Arm.

Yes, we have a wide variety of motorcycles in different configurations from many different manufacturers.  We have trained riders from 4’9” to well over 6 ft tall.  You are encouraged to try different bikes during the course to see which one suites you.

You have two options.  We offer a two day course that includes both motorcycle skills and traffic skills that is well suited to people in your situation.  It is called the Advanced Rider Challenge Course, and we group riders by experience and abilities, so we can work with small groups with training that is specific to their needs.  Your other choice would be private, one-on-one training.  With prompt feedback from an experienced instructor, you will progress quickly and be well prepared for the road test in short order.

No, we can provide private, one-on-one training specific to your needs. With our well experienced instructors and efficient training program, we can have you riding with confidence and ready for the test in 1 to 3 two hour sessions.

You can use one of our bikes and get a private lesson for a very reasonable cost. We call it “MST Preparation” or “Road Test Preparation”; call (250) 764-7075 to arrange. If you take New Rider training with V-Twin, or even private, one-on-one lessons, you can arrange to use one of our bikes for the MST or road test as part of that training.

The V-Twin course includes the use of our motorcycle for the road test. We will book the road test for you, and provide a pre-test one-on-one lesson with one of our well experienced instructors to ensure you are ready for the road test. Call the V-Twin number to arrange road tests, not the college. If you choose to use your own motorcycle for the road test, we will still give you the pre-test lesson at a time that is convenient to you.

You might want to consider taking our “sampler” programme. We will give you a private, one-on-one lesson in basic motorcycle skills. It takes 2 hours, and costs $100. After that, if you decide to take rider training with V-Twin, that amount will be credited towards the cost of the course. So far, everyone who has taken a sampler has continued on to the full course.

Call us and we can discuss your options. We might be able to fit you in over a few courses, or you may choose to take private, one-on-one training. We will be happy to customize the training to fit your specific schedule.

At minimum, you need boots that cover the ankle, full length trousers of denim or better, a full sleeve jacket of denim, nylon, or better and with a zipper closure, and gloves with leather palms. You will also need a helmet of ¾ coverage or better, but if you don’t have one, we can lend you one of our full face helmets. If you have any questions about your gear, bring it to the theory session and ask the instructor.

Three reasons:

  1. At V-Twin, we take a skills based approach. We break the art of riding a motorcycle down to basic skills that you learn at your own pace in a supportive environment. As you master the skills at each level, you advance progressively into more challenging situations that allow you to combine the skills of balance and steering, speed control, observation, space margins, and communication in a traffic environment. Then we take a transition ride to prepare you for riding on the road, and proceed into in traffic training.
  2. Our instructors are the most experienced in the BC Interior, bar none. Three of our instructors have combined rider instruction experience of over 60 years, more than the combined experience of all 14 instructors at another school in Kelowna. All 28 V-Twin instructors are ICBC licensed, and undertake an annual refresher training course. V-Twin is also an ICBC authorized Instructor Training facility, training instructors for V-Twin as well as for other Driver Training schools.
  3. The V-Twin curriculum is locally developed to meet the needs of the rider’s in each community and the local traffic environment. V-Twin Instructors were consulted by ICBC and participated in a rider training enhancement project to improve the rider training curriculum for the province.

Before you can begin riding on the road, you must obtain a Class 6L or learner’s permit. If you don’t already have a driver’s license in any other class, you will be in the Graduated Licensing Programme, and it will be called a Class 8L. To obtain a learner’s permit, you must pass a knowledge or written test at a Drivers’ Services Centre. This written test is based on the text “Learn to Ride Smart; Roadsense for Riders”, and it is available at a Driver’s Services Centre. Read it, pass the test, and you can begin training.

A recognized motorcycle rider training course is the quickest way to learn to ride well, and V-Twin Motorcycle Riding School is your best choice. The course consists of 8 hours theory, 11 hours of motorcycle skills training, and 11 hours of in traffic training. In the theory portion, we will cover such things as selecting riding gear, riding strategies, road position, traffic skills, and special riding situations. Motorcycle skills training takes place on a large, flat, paved surface away from traffic. You will learn the basics of motorcycle control, including balance and steering, speed control, observation, and space margins.

V-Twin is a certified school, which means that we can administer the second stage rider licensing test, called the Motorcycle Skills Assessment. At the conclusion of motorcycle skills training, the MSA will be provided by one of our certified instructors. Successful completion of the test allows ICBC to remove some of the restrictions on your learner’s permit, including the need to riding under supervision of a licensed rider, and the 60 k/hr speed restriction. If you chose to learn on your own instead of at a certified school, you must take the motorcycle skills test at a Drivers’ Services Centre.

The Traffic portion of the V-Twin course involves 11 hours of riding in traffic under the supervision of our well experienced instructors. You will develop your traffic skills by riding in a wide variety of traffic situations, from quiet residential streets to multi-lane highways and busy commercial areas. At the conclusion of the traffic skills portion, your instructor will provide an evaluation of your road test readiness – what additional practice, if any, is needed before you are ready for your Class 6 road test.

The Class 6 road test is provided by ICBC, and consists of about 45 minutes of riding in traffic while being observed by an examiner following in another vehicle.