“At V-Twin, it’s not just about riding, it’s about riding well.”

Welcome To V-Twin

V-Twin takes a “Rider-Centered” approach to motorcycle rider training. That means everything about our course is geared toward your success. Not just in the course, but as you venture out on the road, take your road test, and continue riding for decades to come; we want you to be riding well all the way.

Why V-Twin

Rider centered approach to motorcycle training to ensure a confident and safe rider for life!
Break the art of riding a motorcycle down to basic skills that you learn at your own pace in a supportive environment.
Guaranteed fixed price for new rider training. There is no cost for extra training if you need more time to learn the skills. Also, no charge for re-tests of the MST.

V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School’s Key Areas of Focus:

  • The schedule – flexible to accommodate your availability
  • Locations – away from busy streets, so you can concentrate on learning to ride
  • Course training hours and times – avoid overload and training in extreme conditions (too hot or too cold)
  • Class size – smaller is better, to ensure maximum riding time and instructor attention
  • Curriculum – breaking the art of riding into skill blocks, then combining them into competent knowledgeable riding
  • Motorcycle size and configuration – standards, cruisers, sport – we have them all, with seats low to high, to fit the widest variety of riders
  • Course pace – we progress at your pace, not by the clock
  • Instructor attitude – patient, experienced, friendly instructors – concerned about your well-
    being and success
  • Talk less, ride more – you learn to ride by riding; we teach by coaching, not lecturing.

Experienced Instructors

Eighteen of the most experienced instructors in the BC Interior.

Quality Training

V-Twin Motorcycle Rider Training School is the premier rider training school in the BC Interior. We have provided quality rider training to new and experienced riders in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley for more than 10 years.

Learn Safely

Our experienced ICBC licensed instructors help to develop your skills in a secure environment away from traffic.

Quality Rider Training

Small class sizes make for an efficient program – more riding, less waiting in line means up to 30% more riding time than at other schools


Our fleet of motorcycles vary in sizes and styles and are easy to handle and inspire confidence.

Road Test Preparation

Motorcycle Skills Test preparation – on our bike or yours

Choosing The Bike and Gear

We help you select appropriate riding gear, and identify a motorcycle that will fit your needs.

V-Twin Students

We distribute discount coupons from various dealers to reduce the cost of purchasing gear, and a motorcycle. V-Twin students also receive a discount on the optional portion of their insurance coverage.